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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Taking Chances...

LICENSING... Sometimes it fits in an artist life, and sometimes not... I have looked and attempted it several times. Once it resulted in a question in my mind. Another time it resulted in a brush off..and another time, with heart break and anger. Why would I ever want to do this? Well, my ultimate goal is to write short fairy tales filled with Whimsies, that will entertain and help people escape into little magical places. I am hoping that my art is the first step. So here I go again... A Wizard of Oz Whimsie... by a licensed distributor...Who knows how this will turn out, but I will certainly keep you posted! Until next time..

Friday, March 02, 2007

Time Flies...

Happy Friday! I love Fridays whether I have a "real job" or not! ha.ha.ha. Unbelievable things have happened since my last post, and boy, I'd like to spill, BUT until it's firm and for sure... My lips are sealed! Let's just keep this ball with Wings ROLLING!

Here are my 2 latest Clocks, "A Charmed Life", and "Tommy Top Hat". Both Clocks end this Sunday, March 4th, at approx. 4:30 EST.. My link to my auctions is at left. I hope you will come by and peek.

Anyone have children that drive you nuts? If I end up with a full head of hair by June 15th, I will be shocked! God love him, but Lord, it's just one hurdle after another. There couldn't be a sweeter kid on this Earth, but I feel like I'm working with the "Nutty Professor"... He has his Sr. Seminar project due in a month, and lets just say.. he's about 25% done.. Forgot to turn in his cap & gown form, needs to finish a STate requirement, a Choir trip, a Drama trip, and work.. Lordy, I might keel... Throwing magic dust on him and my hair! Well, here are my clocks. Have a Great weekend!