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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I hope it was Merry!

Was it Magical?

Did you have a Christmas miracle?

Like the man says.... I guess you've just got to BELIEVE. Looking with eyes of wonder towards 2008... What will the New Year bring? The Wizard of OZ definitely, but hoping I will be bringing many more whimsical creations to light. Bless you and yours this Holiday season.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Last Whimsies of 2007

I did a couple of paintings for the PFATT Marketplace, and probably will be the last Whimsies for 2007.

As long as we survive this week with the kitchen, we will make it. The refrigerator is moving to the living room tomorrow...ugh..... Hopefully to be returned on Saturday, along with it's other friends the stove, microwave, and a new friend... a dishwasher! Crazy thought... a machine that washes dishes!!! I've heard they are amazing... lol...

Monday, December 03, 2007

It's getting better & better!

We Painted:

(wave hi to Dale, my contractor!)

The boxes arrived:

And What did we find inside?

This seems so strange to not be showing you my newest Whimsies, but my kitchen remodel is making several things challenging around here....Patience is my middle name... NOT!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

5 Interesting Facts... What do you think?

I've been wanting to sell cards of my work for quite some time, and here are a few of my attempts:

Now I need to decide how to sell them...or if it's too late to do for this year. What do you think?

Here are today's pictures of my kitchen:

Painting tomorrow and cabinets being delivered on Saturday! YIPPEE!

Now for more fun... I've been tagged! I am to provide 5 Interesting or Random Facts about myself... hmmm... Here goes!

1. I'm a middle child
2. I used to throw up every Christmas until the age of 11..(I would get so excited that I would just make myself sick over it!)
3. I've lost almost 100 lbs since January 2006.
4. "It's A Wonderful Life" is my all time favorite Christmas movie, and I cry every time!
5. I have a secret desire to publish stories about the Whimsies.

I have tagged my following blogging friends!~
1. Lori/Vintage Palette
2. Joyce Stahl/Enchanted Productions
3. Penny McAlister
4. Iva's Creations
5. The Polka Dot Pixie

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yep Penny's offering a Give AWAY this week! Run don't walk to her blog and enter!

So tomorrow is "Black Monday", and I am wracking my brain on an internet special. Please check back tomorrow to see what I've come up with!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am Thankful

I am thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving. As hard as this year has been with heart ache, I am ever so thankful for all that I have:

1. First of all my family....My 3 children and my sweet Elf comfort my days with love and support.
2. My parents for giving me the ability to dream..(I love you Dad!)
3. My cozy little home, even with it being 1 kitchen short this Thanksgiving.
4. Having a creative spirit with the ability to follow my Whimsical dreams
5. My health and for having diabetes... Yes, I am even thankful for that.. If I had not contracted it, I would not be as healthy and 85 lbs lighter.
6. For my best friends that I might have never touched, but always in my heart each day.

Here is just one example of pure friendship....Penny McAlister I met Penny at a show (Folkart Invitational) in Orange County, CA about 4 years ago. We "roomed" together, without much thought, and it changed my life forever. Penny has been a constant cheerleader in my pursuit of spreading Whimsies around the world. She introduced me to Midwest and others, and has continually educated me about the industry, techniques, and products. Penny has always held my hand through the highest highs and the lowest lows. To think that I've only hugged her a few times seems impossible, as she has "hugged" me at least 100 times through emails and over the phone. I am celebrating her Whimsical work and her most receent accomplishment of "beating me" to be published in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine. God Bless you Penny, and thank you for being my friend.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Prepare for Horror...

Yes, as promised, I would like to show my BEFORE pictures of my little kitchen from 1947. In the previous 16 years, we painted, laid floor and counter tops, appliances, and painted again, but nothing could help...........

I tried to decorate

Then Elf decided he would take matters into his own hands:

who said you need more than 1 outlet?

My Pantry and China cabinet, LOL

Here is the first day the calvary showed up:
Does anyone else see the orbs? I think one is Dad watching over me...

An "OOPSIE" from the contractor...We will see what happens about this... More pictures to come...and thank you all so much for posting on my blog words of encouragement. It really touches my heart!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guess Who?

Let's hope this cat makes many smile.... I know he made me smile...even though my house is being torn apart as we speak....

We bought our house 16 years ago, and when we moved in, the kitchen was the "worst" part of this house... Well, finally that will be fixed... It is my hope to post the progress here on my blog... Pray it goes quickly and perfectly... snicker... we all know how that goes... hahahahhaha

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Surreal Feeling!

I can't thing of anything to say about this, but how wonderful this piece of paper makes me feel...No matter what happens, my family, and friends will be able to have this little piece of paper for their scrapbooks. You can also see the next 3 ornaments and a free ornament box...Click on the Wizard of Oz characters on the right for ordering information. Until next time, keep wishing on the stars!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Color Explosion!

Here he is..."THE MAD HATTER"...his color just really twirls my skirt! I am very happy with the way he turned out, and now on to the Cheshire Cat. I hope he makes you all smile, like he does me....Have a great Friday! Christy

Monday, November 05, 2007

Let Lightening Strike Twice!

Guess what series I'm sculpting now...

Will have the Mad Hatter next

and then the Cheshire Cat. Let's hope they twirl some skirts! LOL

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Apparently being able to say that word, "published", means something somewhere, but to me it was one of my dreams when I left my job 5 years ago. So here it is, the Winter Issue of Art Doll Quarterly... page 6, 7, & 8.. Enjoy!

Monday, October 29, 2007

....And The Winner Is......

POST # 55 as drawn by the Elf, "GERI"..... YOU ARE THE WINNER!!! Sandy (SAM I AM) was the name that I pulled... #48, but she let me pull another name because she already purchased them. I encourage you to check out what Sam is up to now... It's AMAZING!!!

American Harvest is off! How I wish I could go to the Open House. It just looks MAGICAL! Now it's full throttle to complete the Alice In Wonderland Ornaments. Just keep the coffee I.V. hooked up! LOL

Keep on DREAMING everyone! Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

CELEBRATE with ME and WIN!!!

It was 5 years ago today that I worked my last day at Salomon Smith Barney. Lots of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears have been drawn since that day, but finally, for something with purpose...a beautiful dream! Thank you all for the love and support of me and my work!

Each year on CC's Whimsies Birthday, I have a drawing for a Whimsie. This year will be no different! Leave a comment on my blog from today 10/21/07 to 10/28/07 5:00 pm PST, and I will draw a name to win. You can enter EVERY DAY, and please spread the word of my contest. I need more Peeps!!! hahahahha

So what are you going to win????? Well, 1 set of Wizard of Oz ornaments, signed by me! I will send one set to the lucky winner once they are released...(January 2008). Let the blogging begin!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fly Angels!

Another check mark added yesterday, as I sent this set of angels to Ashton Drake for Test Marketing. Hopefully they are well received and will reproduce like rabbits!

Tonight my daughter will be dancing on ABC's Dancing with the Stars... 9 pm EST/8 pm Central. Wade Robson will be dancing with 8 of them in a "Haunted Circus" kind of theme. Look for the one with the short red hair...(yes, she's back to red..YIPPEE!)

On my list of to-do's today is finish sculpting American Harvest, drawing Conceptual Clock Designs for Wizard of Oz clocks for Ashton Drake, and finishing a Scarecrow clock for dear Carla. It's a big list.... I will tell you how it comes out tomorrow. Until then, keep the stars in your eyes...and the glitter under your feet!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Whalah! Two down and One to Go!

Scared ya with a new update on my blog, didn't I? I know, I promised daily updates, but having my little friend, Sandy, in town got me distracted. I could try to play catch up and tell you about all the gory details of the week, but we (you and me) do not have the forward HO!

Speaking of "HO", it started "snowing" glitter here in the workshop. Besides this Snow Queen, I've got 3 Angels flying to Ashton on Monday. They are going to "test market" them... Will someone please pinch me? OUCH! Thanks I needed that!

One more special order to go before I finish the orders placed before my Dad's passing. My plan is to finish my first Scarecrow Clock this weekend, so I will be finally caught up! This girl pictured, "FAITH", was a special order from an earlier piece. I love how she turned out. Until next time... Be good to yourself and to the ones you love!

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Day spent with Misty Mawn

Yesterday, Sam and I spent the day with Misty Mawn...learning a bit about her techniques in mixed media collage. WHEW!!! We were exhausted by the end of the day, but we felt very accomplished.

I am a FIRM believer in continued education of all areas of art...even if it's not in my "field"! I ALWAYS learn something to take with me, and I think that is what sets many artist apart. Below you will find Sandy's creations...Isn't it beautiful? I think so!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Tricks!!

Taking classes at Art & Soul this week along with visiting with my BFF, Sammie! I took Michael deMeng yesterday, and this is what we did:

post more late... late to school!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Today the Rubber Meets the Road

Her little face expresses hope, THANK GOODNESS!!! Today I must finish a large order for a very nice lady that has been patiently waiting for her Halloween goodies. I have to finish all 6 pieces TODAY, or there will be no Peace for this:

Atleast I have finished ONE of six

The list is long in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

32 Days and Countin

Well, as promised, this is Day 1 of the 32 Days of Whimsies. The picture above is the order that I am finishing for completion on MONDAY! (Yes, I feel a little anxiety.... Especially when you have a piece like this:

Don't let this sweet face fool you. We have been staring each other down for almost a year, and little does she know, but she is going to a new Mommy. Unfortunately the creative Gods haven't clued me in on the form. Well, the Gods have 24 hours...they'd better start talking REAL SOON! Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Counting Down to Dreams

"A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes, when you are fast asleep..."
No I haven't fallen asleep, but sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming.

I thought I would try to keep everyone out in Blogland the REAL inside scoop to Whimsieland...I've got some serious deadlines in the coming months, so I will keep you in the center of the storm... Each of the projects were on my "dream goal list" when I left my job 5 years ago, so it's a very special time for me... So come and read the "wave" daily, and we can laugh and cry together!

#1 Dream.... to have my Whimsies at American Harvest We will be working some Whimsie Magic producing many angels and fairies for her Christmas Open House, November 3rd, 2007.

#2 Dream...Licensing with Ashton
Well, Ashton Drake is so happy with the Wizard of Oz pieces, they now have me sculpting another beloved children's story....Alice in Wonderland. I will be finishing these at the same time I am working on Christmas for American Harvest, and the PFATT Marketplace.

Now if the Gods are really with me, I hope to have some EBAY pieces in the coming weeks. It's sure to be exciting... so stay tuned!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

With a Twitch of a Whisker

Another Wizard of Oz ornament has flown from the Whimsie workshop... The Cowardly Lion. He is one of my favorite so far. Ashton Drake Galleries loved him, I hope you do too.

Guess what? I'm going to be the Featured Artist of the PFATT MARKETPLACE for September. What an honor!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nice Matters!

What a wonderful surprise and honor from my friend Kitty Forseth.

I REALLY DO believe that nice matters. You just never know what a difference a kind word or even a smile, will make in someone's day, or life, for that matter. Share the best of yourself, every chance you get! With that, I would like to share the NiCE Matters award with some great friends: Donna O'Brien, Pam Gracia, Joann, Danita, Meg/PattersonCrow, and Kim/TheSmilingGoat.