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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Sunday, November 07, 2010

OOAK Christmas Whimsies ending EBAY tonight!

Papa Elf Stocking Hanger and hand painted stocking ending tonight.... As well as, a Snow Fairy, the Caged Fairy of Dreams, and HUGE German Glass Glittered Hearts for decorating... All end tonight at 5:00 PST/8:00 EST... CLICK HERE to my auctions.

A Sneak Peek of just ONE of the Christmas Beauties coming this week!

Friday, November 05, 2010

CC's Whimsies' Pay IT Forward FRIDAYS!!

Kids…. It’s TOUGH out THERE! I know this isn’t news to you, but it‘s just high time I said it! We are barraged with BAD NEWS and stress daily. At times, I would like to pull the curtains, build higher fences, and never pay attention to anything outside of these four walls for a very long time!

As a full-time artist and family caretaker I struggle with how I can “make a difference” through my art and daily life. Our family income is barely above the water line of poverty (LOL…sad but true), and my time is spent trying to create art and take care of those around me. This can no longer be an excuse! I must do better to be more aware of opportunities to make a difference….no matter how small!

I know my Whimsies bring smiles to the savaged hearts, and small moments of peace and hope to many. If you, or someone you know, needs a little reminder that you are thinking of them and that they matter, please leave a note here or on FACEBOOK, and I will contact you. I will send a little of my “heART” in your behalf or to you. I will do as many as I can each Friday, and hopefully, if we all think about a way that each of us can lift the wings of someone you know, or even a stranger, our World will be much brighter. Pay it Forward FRIDAYS… Lift the Wings of Another!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's GREAT to BE EIGHT SALE has begun!¤t=3435502f.pbw

Whimsies range from 108 to 18..... A VERY SPECIAL CELEBRATION thanking each of you for making my dreams possible! Email me at with your Whimsie selections!

*It's GREAT to be EIGHT" CC's Whimsies B-DAY

It's a SPECIAL day in my world... It's CC's Whimsies 8th Birthday!!! It was eight years ago today, I left my full-time stock brokerage job to pursue my dreams of living an ARTFUL life. In order to celebrate this special 8th birthday, I will be offering a prize giveaway, special birthday prices on OOAK WHIMSIES, and a look back through the years. Thank you all who love what I do and have loved me through all the highs and lows of the past 8 years!

Tonight at 8:00pm EST, I will release 8 WHIMSIES at a very special price. Please email me, at in order to adopt, and I will review the times for all winners! Complete the following questions, via comments, and you will be entered to win a prize!!!!

Do you know what Steampunk is?
1. yes
2. no

Do you follow/read Blogs...

1. Daily
2. A couple of times a week
3. Occasionally,
4. FACEBOOK first

If you LOVE a OOAK pc of art, does the shipping charge decide whether to buy or not to buy?
1. yes
2. no

Where do you buy your Folk ARt?
3. Internet Sites
4. Folk Art Shows
5. Galleries

Do you take Art Workshops/Classes

1. yes
2. no

Friday, June 11, 2010

Workshop Piece in Centralia, WA 7/11/10

Here she is... Isabelle.... You can make her at the July 11th, 2010 Workshop... Or purchase her at the PFATT Marketplace .....Her friend Igamus is also there...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am teaching my first Workshop this year in Chehalis, Washington, on Sunday, July 11th, from 9:30am to 5:00pm with Terri Brush. A sweetheart of a lady whom I've known for many years has invited me to teach. This one day ART Retreat will be held at Terri Brush's studio. A long time thought in my head that I have finally created just for this class! Each of you will create and complete a Halloween "Advent" Calendar for you and yours to enjoy for years to come. We will travel the Mixed Media map with techniques in sculpting with paper clay, painting with acrylics, and collage to produce something MAGICAL for your home. Handy supplies to bring with you would be collage papers, co-ordinating buttons, and if you have a favorite paint brush..... I will post a picture of your project when available. The Cost of this One Day Workshop is $140.00

Seats are already getting filled, so HURRY if you are interested in playing with me on July 11th... I've included a PAYPAL shopping button, for your convenience... Much happiness and peace to you! Christy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well, It's been TOO LONG!

It's been a sad time and an end to a sad Chapter in my life..... I know that sounds pretty down, however it's ALL UP FROM HERE!!! I am soooooo ready to be rid of the constant stress and thoughts over the welfare of my Mom and her belongings, and I am almost there!

I have lots of exciting news and upcoming "UPPERS" in the coming months... First of which, ART CAMP this weekend with my hostess Terri Brush. Terri has assembled some very talented teachers and students from all around the country. I am so looking forward to this!

I do have a few more surprises up sleeves, but I will save that for next time. I would like to share one of my cuties that I just finished from my new jewelry line.. Drucella Dragonfly... Also here's a recent pic of my "puppy" Conan O' Meyers who is now 1 year old! Enjoy each day and love all around you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Special Tree for a Special Friend On Valentines

Tonight a very special friend will be honored in an EBAY auction in her honor... My Friend Penny McAllister has been struck with Acute Leukemia which was another "hit" to my Whimsie heart in December. All of the Pfatties on EBAY have joined together and made a tree fitting the Queen of Happiness... Please enjoy the slideshow, and please bid on our TRIBUTE to Penny...