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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I swear I've lost my HEAD!

Doesn't time fly when your BUSY!!! lol Hi everyone out in Blogland! It's been an incredibly busy past few weeks with Whimsie goals and more life adjustments. We moved my Mom home to the smaller grandma's quarters, and she is doing very well.. HALLEJUAH! Of course moving AGAIN and establishing all the needs of a household has been a lot of BUSY work for my family. Sometimes, I just have to remember to breathe..

I've always been having some health issues that have been put on the back burner way to long. I've spent a lot of time at the lab and the DR's trying to get to the bottom of the problem, but nothing new yet.

I do have 8 projects in the studio all being worked on at the same time. Two of those were placed on the PFATT MARKETPLACE today. Maybe one of these sings to you... Both are clocks and are quite unique.

Keep happy and smiling, and I hope all is well in your worlds!