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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A new Adventure...BLOGGING

Hi everyone and welcome to CC's Whimsies' blog. My hopes for my blog are to keep you updated on what's happening in my art and life. I love to keep you a part of everything, so this is a perfect vehicle.

I will keep it simple for my first day, and will just give you a list of what is in process here at the workshop.... I currently have 3 pieces listed on EBAY.. Here's the link: I just added the Snow Fairy Treasure box and will end on Sunday. I am quite smitten with her! In the studio I have a Frog doll, a Frog Fairy ornie, a Mr. Snow Man treasure box, snow baby ornies, Frost fairies, and 3 clocks.. a Creamy Santa, an Angel, and a Kissing Snowgirl. Of course all of these I am trying to work at once, just to make my A.D.D. more crazy. My hope is to finish all the above in the next week... Cross your fingers!

Until next time... Warmly, Christy


Sam I Am said...

Hey Girl!!!
Congrats on the Blogging thing!!
Lets link..
how do you do that??


Christy said...

We must link... Now let's put our heads together!!!

Sam I Am said... your link on my page :)