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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trying not to Drown

My talented friend Sandy made this for me... Don't you love it? Go see my sweeties blog.I wanted to say hello quickly to all my friends out in Blogland. I've been spending lots of time with my mom and wrapping up a lot of loose ends of my Dad's estate. So I'm trying to squeeze some Whimsie special orders through the work shop, and experience some real "DREAM COME TRUE" stuff.

The Test Market of the Wizard of Oz ornaments was very successful. The series will be released January 2008, and I am SO EXCITED!!! In addition to the ornaments, I was requested to make a Wizard of Oz clock for Ashton Drake. Oh my goodness.... these clocks will be much smaller than my orginals, but to see them in a much smaller scale is thrilling!

Lastly, my Serenity Angel Clock will be featured in Art Doll Quarterly in the December/January issue. This is another FIRST for me. Believe in your dreams everyone...They really do come true!


Miss Maddie's said...

All these goodies look delightful!This is my first visit to your blog and I'm glad I did!
To quote a beautiful princess,"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes..."and I'm happy that yours came true! Susan

Colleen said...

You deserve it all!!

Sam I Am said...

awwwwww sweetpea.... i wanna be first in line to get your autograph..and the first one to slap a gold star on your wee forehead :) heehehehe
im so darn proud of you.. you give us all hope that our dreams really can come true :) :) :)
i wuvz you..

Diane Duda said...

Love Sandy's banner and love that so many good things are happening for you. You are such a talent!!!

Soft in the Head said...

Being a part of your world has opened my eyes to all the possibilities out there. Thank you have been my port of reason in my world of chaos......Congratulations on your amazing journey! You deserve it!!! WaHoooooooo for you! Pam

CCs Whimsies said...

I love you all! I was worried you might have forgotten me in my torment. Thank you all

Hi Susan! Welcome to Whimsieland!

Brenda said...

Christy -- sooo, SOOO happy for you!! If ever someone was talented and deserving, it has to be you. You go, Girlie!!
In line with Sammie...

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Hi Christy, been missing you! I am so happy for you, that is just about the coolest and most wonderful news that I've heard in a long time. Your talent is amazing, and I am so excited for you!!!!!!!

Darlene said...


I'm so happy for you - Congratulations!!!! Your work is gorgeous!!! (I found your blog by surfing around different blogs.)

Your accomplishments give the rest of us hope that our dreams will come true too.


Donna O'Brien said...

I'm SO not surprised that you will be featured in Art Doll!! Your art is in a league of it's own, without question!!
Looking forward to snagging a Wizard of Oz ornament, too!!

Doreen said...

Hi Christy....I've been missing you too!!!!....Congratulations on Art Doll quarterly and Ashton Drake...way to deserve it!

I'm looking forward to those Wizard of Oz ornaments coming out...I will be getting my hands on those!