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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spiritual Help and a Ho Ho!

It was fast and furious, but the PFATT Marketplace was released on the 10th, and POOF, they were gone! I am so thankful that people even remember me, so when I sell something it just gives me a boost.

I wish I could go into all the behind the scenes actions here at home, but frankly it makes me tired and stressed out........ So, I will just say that with the help of "self help" books and a lot of prayers, I think I have solved my mom's financial troubles and home selling problem... I will know more by the end of next week, but I'm very excited at the solution....

I am a BIG believer in self help books... so if you are down and feeling like the world is crashing in on you.... I would like to suggest the following:

This book took me from 0 to 60 in only 188 pages...After I finished reading this book I quit my job and never looked back. I firmly believe this is a life changing book, and have read this book about 5 times. Super fast and cheap read.. Click HERE to order your own.

I just finished this one for the 2nd time, and this one could help many people during such worrisome times. A little more spiritual, however very comforting...Again very short (under 200 pages) but powerful... Order HERE

Get reading and and start believing. Thank you for stopping by! Christy


Carolee said...

They both sound like good reads.

Wanted to add my condolences re your revious post...Our furry companions are with us for far too short a time. Sending {{{hugs}}}...

~ Carolee

Tootie said...

Thanks for the book reviews, I think I need both of them, I just put in a very stressful year with a bullying boss (I quite in May and got another job). I'm hoping for better days!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

I love this post Christy! Thanks for sharing! Your work always inspires me.


Nancy Lee Malay said...

You are a true inspiration with all you've been through, Christy!

I am definetly going to read these books...thanks for sharing the info on them, Nancy

Sandra said...

Thanks for the input on the books...they sound good. Oh by the way ...drop by my blog and pick up your award waiting there for you.

Takecare Sandra

Melissa said...

I shamefully admit that out of all the books I read a disproportionate amount of them are self help. The Big Thinking book sounds intriguing. I'll be adding that to my list! Thanks

Oh and congratulations on your quick sales. No surprise there. You work is always brilliant!

softinthehead said...

Ahhh Christie...I always know that when my chin is resting on the curb I can come over here for a hand up...I ordered the first book! Thank you! Pam