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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Days of 2008

Whew! Only 3 days left in 2008, and what a year it has been! I always spend a lot of this time planning for 2009 and what my goals are for the year. I really hope to make a "come back", as my world has been very upside down for the past 18 months. Taking care of mom and all her financial affairs has pressed my wings down I pray this year I can make my way to a happier time.

I wanted to show off my last 2 pieces of 2008 which were special orders for Christmas. I wanted to wait until after Christmas because I didn't want to spoil the surprise for their happy new Mamas.

I wish for only good and happy times for all of you bloggers in the world. May you always have fluttering wings to keep you high above the negative influences in our world. Keep dreaming and never give up! Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and wishes for a happy new year.

Cassie said...

These are beautiful pieces! Best wishes for the New Year!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Oh Christy, my dear, I wish you all the very best in the coming new year and hope that the concerns of 2008 remain behind you and yours!!!! Thank you for contacting me and making this such a wonderful fall and winter, and I'm sending you some good "juju" to get your wings off the ground and soaring again!

Happy New Year!!

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Awww Crusty! I know it's been such a difficult year for you...and I totally understand! I wish I was there to give you great big hugs in person, ((((Crusty)))) but virtual hugs will have to do for now! Listen....I think I can hear the happy hummingbirds chirping! Thanks for that wonderful memory (at pfatt fest) in 2008....I will always cherish that time we had together!
Wishing you a happy, magical and prosperous 2009! Fluff up those wings girl and soar!


Bone*Head*Studios said...

The delicate beauty your art captures is always so lovely to look at!

Sam I Am said...

awwwwww lil whimsie...
2009 will find you with your wings all a-flutter again..happily humming along..creating with zest..and your friends here on the sidelines to route you on along the way :)
Don't give up hope and faith..

Carolee said...

What gorgeous pieces, and what lucky new Mamas!

Sending wishes for a Happy and Magical New Year!

~ Carolee