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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Little Whimsy fun...

A sweet little pumpkin girl flying to her party.... I love playing with Sepia tones, and she is just too cute... She's on Ebay up for bid until Friday pm... Bid HERE

This is what she REALLY looks like:

Don't you love color?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another EBAY item?? What in the heck!

I hope you have not fainted and hurt yourself from the fall, but I've managed to FINISH my 2nd Halloween Whimsie, a Vintage Can Witch, named "Wilamenia". I hope she finds a good new home! She has been very therapeutic, and I think that look shows in her face.... This is a 5 day auction ending on Wednesday, July 30th.. Wednesday?? I know, but I can't stand 7 day auctions... I have the patience of a gnat!

I've almost finished my Lisa Kaus Workshop piece.... and I had loads of fun creating in such a magical place. Give yourself a gift, and sign up for a workshop!!! You DESERVE IT!!! I will talk to you soon!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Such EXCITEMENT and APPRENHENSION, I am filled with today.. I finished my first piece for EBAY in a year!!! Holy Moley... It is just so hard to believe, but it's true. The opening bell will ring tonight at 6:00 PDT, so I hope you will stop by...Here is a direct link if you would like to adopt, "Your Never Too Old". and will be listing him tonight at 6;00 PDT. I hope he finds a good new home!

Tomorrow, I am taking a WORKSHOP with Lisa Kaus here in Portland. I feel like I'm packing half of my studio, but a girl's got to be prepared for everything... LOL

This is what we are making:

This is where I will be working:

Hopefully, I will finish the piece (problem when I take a workshop), and I can show you how it turned out. Talk to you in a couple of days... Big Smiles! Christy

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spiritual Help and a Ho Ho!

It was fast and furious, but the PFATT Marketplace was released on the 10th, and POOF, they were gone! I am so thankful that people even remember me, so when I sell something it just gives me a boost.

I wish I could go into all the behind the scenes actions here at home, but frankly it makes me tired and stressed out........ So, I will just say that with the help of "self help" books and a lot of prayers, I think I have solved my mom's financial troubles and home selling problem... I will know more by the end of next week, but I'm very excited at the solution....

I am a BIG believer in self help books... so if you are down and feeling like the world is crashing in on you.... I would like to suggest the following:

This book took me from 0 to 60 in only 188 pages...After I finished reading this book I quit my job and never looked back. I firmly believe this is a life changing book, and have read this book about 5 times. Super fast and cheap read.. Click HERE to order your own.

I just finished this one for the 2nd time, and this one could help many people during such worrisome times. A little more spiritual, however very comforting...Again very short (under 200 pages) but powerful... Order HERE

Get reading and and start believing. Thank you for stopping by! Christy