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Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Much to Say....

I've really been tormented over what I'd like to write in my blog for there is sooooooo much going on in my world. Sadly, not very positive and as much as I'd like to pour my heart out, I think it's just best to focus on the positive and just GET BACK TO WORK! So I've alerted all family members that unless you are on FIRE, please don't call me during studio time..(10am-3pm daily). For the most part, everyone is trying to conform to this regimen, but there are "violators" every now and then.. lol!

So my goal is set, and I will be listing on EBAY for Sunday and Friday evening closes until November 1st. The Moon Man Wand above ends Friday, August 21st around 6pm PST and the Pumpkin Shaker ends Sunday at the same time. Here is the link to my auctions. I hope you will visit and enjoy them. Thank you so much all!:


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

You know how excited I am to see you in the studio and I know it just has to feed your soul to be creating again on a regular basis!! Hugs to you, you sweet and wonderful lady, and I'll be eagerly looking each week for your beautiful creations!!! Slobber....oops, it all sounded so good until I drooled on the computer!!!

Codys Keepsakes said...

I think its great that you have a specific time of day you are in the studio. I wish I could do that!!! But my health doesn't permit it. I just love your creations and I check your blog daily. Keep creating!!!

Diane Costanza said...

Please always keep that positive attitude. No matter what else is going on, you have a gift from God and it is a blessing to the rest of us that we get to share it with you.

CCs Whimsies said...

Bless you all for your encouraging words... It means so much to me! Thank you and Bless your hearts!