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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

It was an eventful weekend, and none of it has to do with Whimsies. Friday night, my daughter Jillian performed in the Bahamas with Janet Jackson...It's surreal to think about, but here is where she's been staying for the past 2 weeks.(Atlantis)Tomorrow night there will be clips on Entertainment Tonight or I will be watching.. Here is a still photo of the show Jillian did manage to send me a present..a Red Velvet Cake from Doughboy Bakery in Los Angeles. Oprah rated it the best cake in America, and here it is :

It was Prom for Max on Saturday night, and of course, in typical Max fashion, he was running a "little behind". Greg and I spent the day gathering his wardrobe from the cleaners, Ross, and the tuxedo shop. I picked up a beautiful corsage for his date, and the only thing I missed out on was dinner. LOL Here is my beautiful boy (who will be 18 in only 1 week..eghads)Here's the happy couple: That unhappy look is stress because they were running late..this time not because of Max... the other couple...LOL

Well, I guess that's it... I've got a whole lot of work to do, and 2 birthdays this week... Max and also Jack who will be 12. May the Force be with you!


Diane Duda said...

What a proud mom you must be right now! How dull our lives would be without our kids. Looks like you got some good ones!

mosaic queen said...

I hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!!!! Wow!!! So much excitement in your life!!!
Soooo sorry to read of your friend's daughter's illness. We should never have to see our children suffer so. Just heartbreaking.

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

well it looks like this is the place to come for sinfully rich desserts!...that cake looks yummylicious...happy belated mothers day!

Christy said...

Thank you all for leaving such sweet notes about Mama's Day... I hope you all had the same!