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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Monday, June 16, 2008

Question #4 of Contest

License or not to License... That is the question... The Ashton Drake licensing was perfect for me as I was given the opportunity to create pieces I would never have had access to... With most licensing opportunities, you give them everything that makes your art unique.... As you can see... I'm very torn and need some help here.

No... Keep Whimsies One of a Kinds
Yes... Get them produced at a much more affordable price.
Yes... However only 2 dimensional images..(cards, wrapping paper, plates, etc...)

***You girls are doing great, and are a big help****


Barbara said...

This is a hard one and one I admit to not knowing a lot about. I can say that I hate for an artist to "give" away their work just for prices to be lower. I myself buy all art for my home and gifts directly from artists themselves. I WANT to support artist but that being said if the prices were lower (by being licensed) would I buy more?
No, I don't think so. I'd rather have less and have it be unique.
Sorry I'm not more help :-)

Carolee said...

This is SUCH a tough one to answer....

I've never done the licensing thing, but have been approached by a private investor about mass producing, and have some serious reservations. For me the dilemma is balancing the appeal of offering my pieces at a more affordable price vs. the question as to whether everyone involved in the process is being paid a fair wage....I'd want to have some control over that (especially since most mass production is done overseas). So I guess if the licensing company were committed to fair trade practices, I'd encourage it, and if not, I'd say keep most the work original, and maybe offer a few prints. :)

~ Carolee

Anonymous said...

Hhmmm...that is a tough one. I think, maybe both. Create one of a kind pieces & also choose certain pieces to be produced at affordable prices. There are some artists I would love to own a piece of their work but, I just can't afford it. It's nice to be able to buy little affordable pieces that represent an artist that I love & then save for that special original piece that I've been wanting.
I don't know if any of that made sense. Good luck on your decision!

Theresa said...

I don't know much about this either... but I must say I don't think price would effect my choices as much as one would think. I truly love hand crafted items more then mass produced items...because a lot of love and attention goes into these piece. Plus you get a higher quality item...let's face it some times in production things get slapped together.
On the practical side though I'm sure licensing with a company can also give one security and sometimes better financial backing and theres nothing wrong with that either.
I guess my thought is you need your foot in both doors but you need to make sure you stay within your comfort zone.



. said...

So many good questions Christy! I love this...And great answers.

I am of the mindset that there are collectors and decorators. The collectors want the originals and the decorators want the look at a more affordable price. I don't think there are a huge amount of people out there than can decorate their house with all original art and that is where the mass produced comes in. I like to own a combintion of both. Also, there are artists who mass produce who I could never afford an original.
ONe last note...can the artist produce enough to fill the desire of all those that want to own some of their work? probably not...another good reason for imports.

laughingdollstudio said...

Hmmmmm, not sure if I'm qualified to answer this seeing how I still feel so new at this but after reading the responses, I tend to agree with Jamie. So #3, Yes, but only 2 dimensional images. I think that way you can have the best of both worlds. (At least until you become a millionare and can do whatever the heck you want!)


Kathy's Prims said...

I hope there is room for both for you. I know you have a lot on your plate. Would love to see some one of a kinds and also some licensed pieces, but I don't want you to get burned out my friend. You will know when the time is right! :)

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Keep whimsies one of a kind.

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Oooooo This is a tough one Crusty! I don't know much about this subject, but I am a really big fan of OOAK's! There's just something about owning a piece that I know was hand made by the artist. Although, I also understand the need to be able to offer work at affordable prices. I guess I would vote for the combo.


softinthehead said...

BOTH! After being a buyer for a major company for years I think Colleen hit the nail on the head...There are collector's and there are decorators. Decorators kept my job alive cause there was always a need to fill the store with a product they wanted and that was popular and could afford. Collectors will spend their last nickel on something they love and rarely buy much of anything else. So its all about balance with art in order to make it work. I love John Singer Sargent and have a print of his in my house but Lord knows I can't touch his originals... Pam

fadedwest said...

Oh man Crusty.....well putting myself in your place... as an artist I guess I want to do it all (my husband will agree that's my biggest fault) I love to create OOAK's but would be thrilled if any company would want to reproduce my work. If I had to make a choice, I guess I would lean towards OOAK. I still have a problem with made in China....

vintagepaletteart said...

Well my friend..................I sure feel for you being torn like this. It makes me so sad.......=o( I really don't think that the big companies consider that artists are people with lives and families. They ask alot of you and put alot of pressure on you to meet deadlines. Well life gets in the way of those deadlines sometimes. Is it worth the pressure, the worrying and sometimes the health issues that added stress puts on you?

I, for one, believe in your extreme talent and your creativity. I would HATE to see you give that up. You CAN'T give that would take away a part of your whimsie soul.

As an owner of several of your original OOAK pieces, there is no way that I would ever give them up! And as an owner of your Oz ornies, I appreciate that they are miniature versions of your originals that would be almost impossible to create in that small a scale and yet be affordable to so many people.

So...........geez this question is such a tough one to answer!!! But you are the only one that can answer it for yourself. YOu know deep down in your heart what you want to do and you will know....................

Luv you Crusty! Hugs! Nana

nancye williams said...

I am a licensed artist. I like it. But you must be able to control what you do. Sometimes they will want you to do things that are not truly you.

I say do both. Keep somethings for yourself... ooak and do some designs that can be easily reproduced. Because you will not see every piece that goes on the market and sometimes things can come out pretty different than what you began with.

Affordable prices are nice but don't sacrifice your reputation.

I made a lot of money on licensing. I still have a couple of licenses and would do it again. It's a much easier way to sell.

Unknown said...

I agree with Colleen. There are a lot of artists whose pieces I'd love to own but can not afford. I would definitely give licensing a try on a limited scale. You just never know what doors will open with each new direction we take as artists.

Debbie said...

Keep one of a kinds!

Kitty Forseth said...

OH MY...... well, you know my experiences have been horrid with licensing.. It's so tough to say. As far as wholesalers, AD seems to be on the up and up.

Arghhhhhh.... go with your heart I guess is what I would say!


Aleta said...

I was a licensed artist with Enesco years ago. I've read through all the comments and will put my two pennies in, for what it's worth....two pennies!

If you can find a way to do both comfortably, then go for it. However, keep in mind what one of the posters said about deadlines. To do both, you will need really great organizational skills.

The idea of making a line that's easier to produce is a good one as long as you're doing what comes natural. Be true to yourself and your art.

As an artist, decorator and collector, I prefer buying originals. It just means I have to save my pennies! And there you go, we're back to pennies.

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta