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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Artful Gathering Blog Hop..OOPSIE..just me!


 Artful Gathering Event Registration is Open!

I'm the Spotlight Artist for The Artful Gathering Blog Hop!

Follow along with me for fun, creativity, and a chance to win a

 $200.00 e-gift card from Jerry's Artarama!

   I will be teaching my fabulous premiere video workshops at
 The Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat 2012

 Whimsical Sleeping Beauties

Session One
 June 6 to July 17

Help me awaken the WHIMSICAL SLEEPING BEAUTY in each of you when learning to create your very own whimsie.  During this session you will learn how to sculpt, paint with acrylics, and finish with that special magical touch!  You can pick the color of your "Whimsical Sleeping Beauty" so she matches your own cottage.

Whimsie Witch Wanda

Session Two

July 15 - August 25

This will be a candy corn jammed pack of Halloween fun!  

I'm thrilled to offer WHIMSIE WITCH WANDA to the Artful Gathering 2012.

 In addition to learning how to sculpt, paint, make hats, and embellish your very own Wanda, I will demonstrate how to turn glass into rusty old metal right before your eyes!  Don't miss this chance to conjure up your own Halloween Art!

Come Hop With US!

 Hop Rules:

If you would like to hop with us and meet all the super awesome Artful Gathering 2012 Art Instructors, and have a chance to win a random drawing prize in our random drawing, then hop with us! Each week, I will announce the blog for you to visit, and off you go to meet them, and to pick up the newest secret word. Your chance to win prizes....

  1. For your chance to win, you must collect all the secret code words and submit them upon the final destination blog in May. A random drawing will be conducted from those contestants who have submitted the complete collection of secret words!

  2. Three winners will be randomly drawn. One for the $200.00 e-card to Jerry's, and two runner's up for the 25.00 e-card to Jerrys!

  3. This weeks word is .....Brush
    Next week, I'll announce the next person to hop to. Good luck!!!


Tammie Lee said...

charming pieces, looks like these will be wonderful workshops.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Very creative work. It is nice to meet you and visit for a spell.

Daryl Edelstein said...

I love whimsy .. these are superb

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