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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guess Who?

Let's hope this cat makes many smile.... I know he made me smile...even though my house is being torn apart as we speak....

We bought our house 16 years ago, and when we moved in, the kitchen was the "worst" part of this house... Well, finally that will be fixed... It is my hope to post the progress here on my blog... Pray it goes quickly and perfectly... snicker... we all know how that goes... hahahahhaha


Theresa said...

I love the cat... especially his coloring. . :)

Diane Duda said...

Oh, I've never heard of anyone having any problems when it comes to remodeling. ;)

I love the cat and he did make me smile!


Little ol* Me said...

Christy, it's been a while since I had the chance to peek at your new whimsies .. and gosh, they are getting better and better! I especially like your new Cheshire Cat as he's got such a lovely cheeky expression on his face .. and yup, he sure made me smile! :)

Hope all goes well with the remodeling by the way ;)



CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTY, your art creations are so very MAGICKCAL. I make a wish to 'Mr. Wishes' everyday... AND now this gorgeous CC's Whimsies black cat 'Mr. Wishes' say's 'Make all of Christy's dreams come true' to the beautiful CC's Whimsies 'Mr. Cheshire Cat'! The Cheshire Cat just grins & says 'I have'! Truly Whimsical Artwork Christy, as though they could talk...

AND oops my faux pas, CONGRATS to 'GERI' your very lucky 'Wizard OF Oz' winner.

Merry Blessings & Holiday Hugs, Lyndy

Carla said...

He really is gorgious. It.s a happy cat. Succes with your kitchen.

Donna O. said...

Well, your plate is certainly full (kitchen humor) with everything- but in a good way!!! Good Luck with the remodel!!

Jeannene said...

"I can't wait to see your "New Kitchen look!!" Just remember to take before and after pictures...that is the best!!

Also, love the "Treasure Cat!!" On Alice in Wonderland, is that the cat??

xo Jeannene

Anonymous said...

How adorable and magical! Denise

Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Christy, The kitty is cute and with all those bright colors how could you not smile!
As for the kitchen just remember, good things come to she who waits and waits...I'm sure it will be wonderful when completed.
I just wanted to let you know I procured the Art Doll mag and have to say your article was great. Congratulations. Susan

Kathy's Prims said...

Wow Crust!!! I love that cat! I love all of them chicklet! Can't wait to see more!!