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Artful Gathering 2012 with CC's Whimsies


Saturday, January 21, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday, my A.D.D. brain has been frantically trying to organize all my 2012 Happenings and "To Do's" so that I'm not A Day Late or running with my hair on fire trying to keep up. I've always depended on my "handy dandy notebook", however I really needed a day planner or calendar inset within the "handy dandy notebook" much as I hated to add another thing to carry, I bought a day-planner... a small one, but it will do the job of helping me organize my time better....

Now for the confession....... Are ya Ready? Please don't "judge me" or gasp at what I'm about to say................. I still have all my Christmas decorations up!!! Yep, dead Noble Fir, fully decorated in the corner of the living room..... I know... IT"S SHOCKING even to me, however I've been getting ready for a jam packed next few months, and frankly, it's just not the top of my priority list! LOL! I've had this line item in my Notebook for the past 2 weeks, so... I will Announce when the BIG Happening occurs, and maybe I will have a Raffle Prize in order to CELEBRATE!!! LOL

I feel a little guilty to share that I went to a Magical place today in Downtown Portland, and I'd love to share this UNBELIEVABLE NOTIONS and TRIMS store: THE BUTTON EMPORIUM .... I get so overwhelmed when I go there, I really need to know what Im looking for, or my brain would explode!!! LOL! The Website isn't super flashy, however if you are looking for hard to find threads, buttons, ribbons, vintage trims, etc... take a look there!

1 comment:

Janet Ghio said...

I had to figure out some way to organize all the swaps, journals and classes I am in this year and I don't have ADD!! So you are not alone. Oh I wish I could go to the button emporium!!